Al-Sadee discusses with the UNHCR delegation priorities of IDPs in Yemen

Al-Sadee discusses with the UNHCR delegation priorities of IDPs in Yemen
رئيس الوحدة التنفيذية يبحث مع وفد مفوضية اللاجئين أوضاع النازحين في اليمن (الوحدة التنفيذية)

The head of the Executive Unit for the IDPs, Mr. Nageeb Al-Sadee, discussed with a high-level delegation from UNHCR, in Yemen, the situation of the IDPs in Yemen.

According to the Executive Unit’s media, during a meeting in his office in the temporary capital of Aden, Al-Sadee welcomed the delegation, which included Raouf Mazo – Assistant High Commissioner for Operations at the UNHCR, and Ayman Gharaibeh – Director of the Regional Office for the Middle East and North Africa, praising their humanitarian efforts in Yemen.

Al-Sadee gave a presentation on the IDPs’ unit, its role, activities and stage of development from 2018 to the present, pointing to the difficulties and challenges it faced and the successes it achieved during that period.

He pointed to the high percentage of needs, and the priorities represented in moving to sustainable projects by supporting basic services and adopting income-generating projects and solving the problems of shelter scarcity and poor condition by providing a shelter for the displaced that adapts to various natural climate factors, in addition to the problems of eviction threats faced by the displaced in many camps.

Al-Sadee also pointed on the need to work on the optimal utilization of resources that suffer from a great scarcity, and stressed the need to activate the mechanisms of the societal issue and to involve the displaced and the community in the decisions that concern them.

In this context, the Head of the Executive Unit stressed the need for effective mechanisms in coordination between government agencies and organizations and to reach a common understanding of various issues and solutions.

For his part, Mr. Raouf Mazo expressed their happiness with this meeting, thanking the Executive Unit for the opportunity to sit down and discuss, which contributes to reducing the suffering of the displaced, and stressed that the UNHCR’s approach is to adopt permanent and income-generating projects.

In addition, Mr. Ayman Gharaibeh explained that the visit comes to enhance cooperation with the government side and listen to the problems of the displaced, which will be reflected in the level of services provided to the displaced.