Flash Report on targeting IDP Camps in Marib Governorate

Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management
Marib Governorate has the most displaced people from all over Yemen with the percentage of 60% out of the total number of IDPs. However, since February 2021, Marib has witnessed a sharp escalation in the conflict where Al Houthi group have used all kinds of weapons including artillery shells and ballistic missiles. Moreover, Al Houthi militia has directly targeted IDP camps and gatherings besieging and preventing families from displacement, and using some of them as human shields, ignoring all international and humanitarian laws, and causing the killing and wounding of hundreds. Since February 6, 2021, displacement rate has increased in the governorate as IDPs number reached 2,353 families from Sirwah, Raghwan and Bani Dabyan districts, and displacement number is still increasing which has worsening the humanitarian conditions where IDPs suffer from the lack of the minimum basic services in shelter, food, water and other humanitarian sectors .
Today, Monday noon, March 22, 2021, Marib governorate was exposed to violent shelling by Al Houthi militia. Three IDP camps, Al-Twasoul, Al-Kheir and Almil Camps, in the city of Marib were targeted with artillery shells which caused the injury of five women and damage of properties. Noticed that the numbers of IDPs in Al-Twasoul, Al-Kheir, and Al Meel camps are 966, 1,715, and 1,869 respectively. Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management condemns the direct targeting of IDPs and civilians by the Houthi group.
The most prominent injuries and damage in IDP camps were as follows:
1- The injury of five women due to indiscriminate shelling
2- The damage of 28 tents in the three camps
3- The destruction of 17 water tanks in the three camps
4- Spreading of fear and panic among IDPs women, children and elderly
1- Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management demands Houthi militia to be committed to the international and humanitarian laws that criminalize the direct targeting of civilians and IDPs.
2- Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management appeals United Nations and the international community to exert pressure on Al Houthi group to stop their attacks on civilians and IDPs’ camps.
3- Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management appeals international organizations and clusters for a rapid response to IDPs urgent needs due to the increasing of IDPs number and their severity needs.
4- Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management calls Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator and International Organizations to visit IDP camps and listening to the victims
5- Executive Unit for IDP Camps Management calls Human Rights Organizations to visit IDP camps to monitor and document the violation against IDPs.